Candice Swanepoel Putting On A Show, Deuce Gruden Smashing Some Squats & The Ultimate Bandwagon Bumper Sticker Guy


Here’s your week 16 playoff clinching scenarios 

3 teams (sorry, Rams, you needed a Detroit loss/tie yesterday) can clinch spots today and join the Eagles and Steelers who are already in and now playing for home field advantage and first round byes.



Clinch division with a win/tie … clinch playoff berth with a combo of Seattle + Atlanta + NO or CAR losses/ties


Clinch division with a win/tie OR Buffalo loss/tie … clinch playoff berth with Baltimore loss/tie


Clinch playoff berth with win … OR Jax tie + Buffalo loss/tie … OR Jax tie + Baltimore loss/tie … OR Buffalo loss + Baltimore loss … OR Baltimore loss + KC-LAC game does not end in a tie (but that’s all confusing…they win, they’re in)

Numbers from:

Stuff you guys set in & stuff I like:

500 lb front squat to cap off the week. Looking forward to progressing this #lift

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