Typical SEC Fan’s Lame Excuse For Wearing Multiple SEC Team Polos

Typical SEC fan (except for Vols fans)…been documenting this for years on BC pic.twitter.com/OKyVjYcirJ

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) December 4, 2017

You saw them out all weekend on Twitter and Facebook: SEC fans (minus Vols fans, those guys are on weirdo island in that conference where they do their own thing) pulling to get Bama into the Final Four so they’d have a couple chances to win that national title that has eluded the conference over the last 23 months or so. You and I both know the rooting for Bama to get in had less to do with doing what was right and more with confidence Bama gives SEC chanter the best chance to win a title.

Let’s face it, SEC chanter doesn’t have as much faith in a freshman QB at Georgia winning it all as he does with Saban and a team that has been resting since Thanksgiving.

Anyway, that brings me to Chad (now outed as Tyler by someone in the BC DMs) and his Typical SEC Fan polo trifecta. Turns out Chad/Tyler is a Bama fan (I checked) who would like to clear the air as to why he’d be wearing Auburn and Georgia polos. This might be the saddest thing you read all day.

You think Ohio State fan’s going to wear a Michigan polo at a game? I’d rather die. You think Ohio State fan’s going to wear a Penn State polo at a game against anyone? Kill me.

I don’t care if you are undercover or not. Those colors are never draping across my body. Now, one of you is going to say, “Didn’t you wear a Brandon Weeden jersey to a Muni Lot tailgate even though you’re a Bengals fan?” That’s true, I did that for journalistic reasons. I needed the real story of what goes down at the Muni Lot, so I bought a Weeden jersey at TJ Maxx and only had one guy ask if I was a real Browns fan.

Completely different scenario. Chad/Tyler wore those polos with eyes on being one of the crew on those days. Could’ve worn a white polo. Could’ve worn a Nike polo. Could’ve worn a million different things.

You know what kind of guy wears gear of hated rivals? ARod.

@Asuarez99 RT @bustedcoverage: ARod — HUGE Miami fan pic.twitter.com/Cj4Vrmpx42

— kees open doors (@RonnieKees) November 11, 2017

Now one of you is going to say, “Tyler/Chad doesn’t prove anything about Typical SEC Fan nonsense.” What it proves is that SEC fans have zero shame (except not Vols fans) jumping ship to a hated rival — even if Chad/Tyler is just skirt chasing — when given the opportunity. SEC over everything like they’re in a cult where you get to claim the cult national titles over other cults. My cult is better than your cult because in my cult it just means more.

The proof is there, folks. It’s everywhere (except Vols fans). Believe it.