Lakers Attempt to Muzzle LaVar Ball With ‘LaVar Ball Rule’

LaVar Ball haters rejoice! The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly implementing something called the “LaVar Ball Rule” at Staples Center, which restricts the media’s access to the friends and fam section of the arena.

This, of course, is a move to counter LaVar constantly criticizing the head coach and Big Baller Lonzo’s teammates after they lose games. Details from ESPN’s Chris B. Haynes:

“It’s not a new policy; it’s an existing policy,” a team spokesperson told ESPN. “There has been more media presence in that area than before. That section is strictly for family and guests of players. It’s a privacy concern.”

LaVar Ball, the father of Lakers rookie point guard Lonzo Ball, is also not permitted to do interviews on the court, something he did on opening night after the LA Clippers defeated the Lakers 108-92. The league’s rule is that an individual must be credentialed in order to enter onto the court. LaVar Ball hasn’t done an on-court interview since.

The Lakers are currently on a five-game losing streak so they’re definitely scared of LaVar going off the rails. Though we’re assuming this just means LaVar will find a different location to give the media soundbites.