Shaun Livingston Goes Forehead to Forehead With Ref, Gets Tossed

Pro tip to NBA players: don’t mess with the pillowy soft refs, they appear to be on a power trip and are ejecting guys — both stars and bench players — left and right. Warriors guard Shaun Livingston was the latest to face the wrath of the zebras, as he was sent off to the locker room after getting into it with Courtney Kirkland during tonight’s game against the Heat:

As you can see below, Livingston wasn’t happy about Tyler Johnson getting away with some physical D and attempted to plead his case to Kirkland. The veteran ref wasn’t having it, stepped up to Livingston, and the two locked foreheads:

Obviously that’s an automatic ejection, but should we talk about Kirkland initiating that forehead to forehead nonsense? The MLB’s umpshow appears to have made its way over to the NBA.

KD knows the feeling:

Kevin Durant ejected for yelling “F*** you” to the ref

— NBA Inside Stuff (@NBAInside_Stuff) December 2, 2017