Freshwater 69 Jersey Gets Love From Kiffin, Jacked Miami Fan Pops The Top Off & Bre Tiesi Stops By

BC Joe will love this

A Ric Flair ring worn robe is hitting the auction block later this month if you have some extra cash to blow for the holidays…

The guys at @GoldinAuctions are selling this magnificent Rick Flair fight worn and autographed robe. Auction starts Nov. 22

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) November 16, 2017

… and by extra cash I mean somewhere around 50 grand because that’s the price this thing is expecting to go for. What a month it’s been for the Nature Boy.


— Goldin Auctions (@GoldinAuctions) November 17, 2017

Numbers from:

Last 15 games as a college football head coach:

Lane Kiffin: 10-5
Jim Harbaugh: 9-6

— Barrett Sallee (@BarrettSallee) November 19, 2017

Stuff you guys sent in & stuff I like:

Wow #BakerMayfield just did a kiss-my-ass gesture & grabbed his nuts while screaming "fuck you "#Oklahoma #oklahomavkansas I wouldn't want to shake that hand either

— Sports Cartoonist to the Stars (@JimmySportToons) November 18, 2017

It's OK, little buddy. #Badgers

— Steve Greenberg (@SLGreenberg) November 18, 2017

@bustedcoverage Penn State says Hi

— MinnSker (@MinnSker) November 18, 2017

There goes the neighborhood. @ACBellino @bustedcoverage

— Ken Tarry (@KenTarry33) November 18, 2017

RTR. 🏈🔥 #watchoutauburn #IronBowl

— Lane Kiffin (@Lane_Kiffin) November 18, 2017

RIP to Will Grier's middle finger #WVU #Big12FB

— Brian Coleman (@BboyBri6) November 18, 2017

@bustedcoverage You see this? Only at the U. Well maybe Rutgers.

— OSU Biz (@OSUNetwork) November 18, 2017

UCF's specialists just celebrated a field goal by fake shot gunning a beer can.

— Renato Mazariegos (@RPMSports18) November 18, 2017

Kansas football

— Danny (@recordsANDradio) November 18, 2017

@bustedcoverage Captains hat

— Jack Leslie (@JackLeslie_5) November 19, 2017