Ohio State Fan Tries To Break Into Apartment, Resident Is Watching On Security Camera, Calls Cops, It’s All On Video

I know there are those out there who think I won’t post Ohio State fans being criminals because I’m a homer Ohio State fan. Nonsense. We’ve been down this road before. I call it like it is. If somebody is being a scumbag, they get called out for a scumbag. Now there are certain outlets I associate with who can’t say the same.

There are certain outlets who never called out scumbag Michigan fan for stealing a donation box. That’s because they’re not fair & balanced.

Of course I’m going to post surveillance of Buckeye Guy trying to break into an apartment only to get interrupted by Columbus cops who were tipped off by the homeowner watching his security feed.

From Sebastian’s Facebook thread:

it’s the arlo pro, it’s pretty awesome, hold ups up to 7 days of video with no subscription and then if you wanna pay extra you can get more space, it has two way talk through the camera, the base comes with a alarm so if you have a camera inside and it detects motion it can set off the alarm if you program it that way, there’s a lot of cool features

Listen to the sound in that video. How is it that banks don’t have this quality of footage? And audio!

Sounds like this is what Brandon used to catch the James Laurinaitis jersey burglar – the Arlo Pro!