I Will Not Rest Until This Dirtbag Michigan Fan Is Arrested For Stealing A Humane Society Donation Box

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There are lowlife Michigan Man scumbags and then there are scumbags like this Michigan Man who clearly walked out with a Monroe (MI) Humane Society donation box from an A&W in southwest Michigan.
According to the Humane Society:

We need your help! Please watch this video of a man stealing our HSMC donation box from A&W on 10/18. We rely on our community’s support and efforts to fund our organization on a monthly basis.
If you have any information or can help I.D this individual, please contact Deputy Bills, from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, at 734-240-7753

Clearly wearing a Michigan shirt. Now I’ve already heard from Michigan Man(s) who say it’s probably an Ohio State fan wearing a disguise. Folks, we’re talking about a donation box from an A&W in Monroe, MI. I can see someone wearing a costume during a bank robbery like the Michigan Man who robbed a Columbus bank wearing Ohio State gear. That happened back in 2016.

There have been some scumbag moves over the years, but this might be the lowest of the low. Stealing from those poor dogs and cats has me furious. I won’t rest. Team BC will put this guy behind bars. There will be no rest for this dirtbag until he’s sleeping in the county jail.

Here’s the area where this scumbag was operating, south of Detroit by about 30 miles:


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