Tennessee State Player Expelled After Punching Coach Twice in the Head

Tennessee State triumphed over Southeast Missouri State this past Saturday, but no one really cares about the W thanks to the actions of Latrelle Lee. The defensive lineman was both released from the team and expelled from the university after he clocked strength coach TJ Greenstone twice in head during the game. (No. 45 was near the action, but his hands never left his waists for some reason as the action unfolded.)
Details from The Tennessean:

During games, Greenstone, a former Vanderbilt football player, is charged with keeping players who aren’t in the game from getting too close to the sideline to avoid a penalty.
The Tigers offense was on the field at the time as Greenstone walked down the sideline telling players to move back if they were too close. Lee is seen in videos hitting Greenstone twice on the side of his head.
Greenstone falls to the ground after being punched.

Expulsion really could not have come at a worse time for Lee, as he was a senior Criminal Justice major and Honor Roll member last year. Motive for his actions are still unclear at this moment.
The Tennessean notes Greenstone is meeting with police today to decide whether he wants to press charges against Lee.

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