Giants Fans Have A Couple Brews, Middle Finger 1-8 Giants & Brawl With Santa Clara Cops

They did it all for a 1-8 team. The emotions. The middle fingers. The violation of stadium code of conduct. The wasted money. The time in jail. There’s a good chance Patrick Flynn, the guy who was launched over the railing by cops at Sunday’s Giants-49ers game, will regret his decisions for a few years.


Patrick Flynn, 29, has been charged with battery on a police officer causing injury and resisting arrest, which are both felonies, according to Capt. Wahid Kazem of the Santa Clara Police Department. Flynn was also charged with two additional counts of misdemeanor battery on a police officer.

Flynn, who was wearing a Janoris Jenkins jersey, was “belligerent, intoxicated and clearly violating the stadium’s code of conduct,” according to Kazem. Spectator Alex Amster provided a video to NJ Advance Media that showed Flynn and another fan in an Odell Beckham Jr. jersey flipping their middle fingers and cursing at Giants players after the team allowed a fourth-quarter touchdown that gave the 49ers a 31-13 lead.

The woman who was with Flynn and his brother is named Lauren Alcatraz. Not sure if that’s a sign or just purely a coincidence here.

Giants fan facing 2 felony charges after arrest at 49ers game

— (@njdotcom) November 14, 2017

Say what you want about Buffalo fans, at least they don’t usually fight the cops.