Edgerrin James on the NFL's Concussion Settlement: "A Beautifully Executed Scam"

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Color me shocked. The NFL’s billion-dollar concussion settlement isn’t playing out very smoothly as former players are accusing the league of blocking them from their settlement money.
According to The NY Times’ Ken Belson, players and their families say the NFL is “bogging up the process with unreasonable demands” and that just 140 of 1,400 player claims have been approved thus far. The process is apparently so deliberate that former Colts running back Edgerrin James backed out entirely and said, “F—k that concussion settlement.” He explained the hoops he had to go through an Instagram post today.
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Edge’s caption:

A beautifully executed scam!! True Story: I go to get my exam because I do have 20+ years of football in this body. This Doctor says we’re gonna go over a few test… Starting at 100, subtract 7 and keep subtracting until I say stop. Instantly I say, ‘WTF’ this got to do with anything. So I do that dumb ass sh*t. Lol. Next test we’re gonna give you an address and in a few minutes I want you to tell me that address. Once again I said ‘WTF’ this gotta do with anything… So I tell his dumbass the address that he just told me. Lol. Then he says we have a few more test today and we’ll call you for the 8 hour session of test. I say 8 hours of more stupid ass questions? He says yes… So I cut that meeting short and said fk that concussion settlement. Like the guys on Shark Tank always say when they sense a bad deal… “Edge Out” Good luck to all the former players thinking they’re gonna get something from the concussion settlement. And to the Lawyers, my daughter is in school to become a Lawyer… Next time you find a sweet deal like this concussion settlement, make sure you let my Daughter in on it. Lol #CreateTheLifeUwant2Live

Counting backwards by seven and remembering an address seem like reasonable requests for someone who played running back for 11 years, but an eight-hour session? Yeah, it’s easy to see why someone would take a hard pass on that.
Former Jaguars running back Fred Taylor chimed in on Edge’s post and called the settlement a great deal for lawyers:

fredtaylor_made: Real bad deal for players and great deal for the attorneys. Yeah it comes across as an insult to your intelligence and a waste off time. Stupid easy questions…they are making sure they aren’t simply giving away money. They put the bar so high to qualify for any monetary claims. You have to be damn near koo koo lol. The way this really works is to test off the chart and set a high baseline. Over time the brain deteriorates (football or not) and any slight change in your assessment should qualify you for a monetary claim. Yeah it’s flawed but that’s what it is. And let’s say you died last week (life insurance language), and they cut your head open and determined you had CTE or mild dementia or whatever, your estate/family is entitled to receive a reward based on that level $1.5m-$5m. That’s the typical strategy or simply do as you did and clear it✊🏾

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