Roger Clemens Unleashed The Swag This Weekend

Met Roger Clemens… Asked for goods… He told me he used them all….

— Daniel Ruggles (@FATMANMAGIC) November 11, 2017

Remember the Roger Clemens Swag Report that I did nearly every Monday like 2-3 years ago? There was a huge following for that series. Guys couldn’t get enough of Roger’s cargo pants and his golf attire. Then Rog turned 53 or so and got kinda boring. Now 55, Rog just might be coming out again to play.


And dripping. Just soaked from head to toes this weekend at some Cory Redding event in Houston at High 5 where Roger and a bunch of sports guys were at to raise money, that sort of thing.

That’s the $56 skull balls shirt from Tattoo Golf dripping from the Rocket:

Roger Clemens came thru to the bar tab

— Clarke (@Clarke_Smith98) November 11, 2017