2017 ESPN College GameDay Signs: Notre Dame At Miami

Today we are looking at the best college football slate of the year and it’s not really even close. 7 ranked matchups across the board this afternoon and all of them have sort of national or conference implications. I have a feeling that this is one of those Saturdays that seems to happen every year where we just get pure chaos and a lot of things get shaken up.
Let’s just take look at this board: #12 Michigan State at #13 Ohio State, #15 OK State at #21 Iowa State, #20 Wisconsin at #8 Wisconsin, #2 Bama at #16 Mississippi, #6 TCU at #5 Oklahoma, and #3 Notre at #7 Miami. That’s just nuts. Buckle up, people.
Gameday pick: Notre Dame -3
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2017 ESPN College GameDay Signs: Oklahoma At Oklahoma State
2017 ESPN College GameDay Signs: Oklahoma At Oklahoma State