Paul Wall Keeps His Promise And Gets The Entire Astros Roster Custom World Series Grillz

Houston rapper and known grill enthusiast, Paul Wall, said during the Astros playoff run that if they won the World Series, he would get the entire squad some fresh customĀ grillzĀ as a gift. You might remember when Mr. Wall fitted Tom Herman’s grill a couple years back while he was still at Houston and won the AAC Championship.

He kept his promise then and he did it again this time around to the tune of 40+ grillz for the whole World Series roster. Try and find me something more Houston than this.

Jeweler Johnny Dang is the man who hooked up it up once again and customized these bad boys for the players. According to the ABC13, each one takes about 5 hours to make, which is juuuuust a slight bump up from only making one for the local college football coach.

And yes, Paul Wall is still out there dropping heat


Offseason Bryce Harper Helping Out With the Shelves
Offseason Bryce Harper Helping Out With the Shelves
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