Offseason Bryce Harper Helping Out With the Shelves

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Bryce Harper possesses what some might see as an ideal baseball body at 6’3″ and 215 pounds — great for launching mammoth home runs and making plays on the basepaths and outfield. But now that it’s the offseason Bryce is making the most of his frame and is taking care of business in the household.
His wife, Kayla, shared video of Bryce helping out with a shelving installation in their Nevada home this afternoon. No shocker here, he didn’t need the ladder to help put up the top shelf:
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via kayy.harper/IG Story
Hopefully we get more of these “Everyday Bryce” videos from Kayla. If you followed our Matt Ryan offseason series you know we’re all about athletes doing normal stuff around the house. (Also, we need something to carry us for the coming baseball-less months.)

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