Josh Gordon Opens Up On Getting Loaded Before Games & Jerkoff Browns Fans Being Jerkoffs
Josh Gordon, who is about to come back to the NFL after yet another suspension, sat down with GQ for an interview where he definitely opened up about his life with booze, weed and pills.
You know the basic Gordon story: Can’t stay sober, fails tests at an alarming rate, incredible skills, Cleveland Browns best player that never plays. If you think what Gordon had to say about Cleveland will scare off Browns fans, you’re nuts. These people are already in a bad relationship. This is like an estranged wife talking shiit about her husband. One thing leads to another and they make up. Browns fans actually like being talked to like this. Real Talk Express. See below.
From GQ:

How many of your games would you estimate that you had something in your system for?

Every game. Probably every game of my career.
What about college? I think you know how he responded to that question.
How much did all of the noise and criticism get to you?

A lot. Every day. That’s why I had to move out of Cleveland. I went to Gainesville specifically because I thought there’d be nobody there that would know who I was. Living in Cleveland, sometimes it could be a nightmare. I’ve been harassed, had drinks thrown at me. I’ve been [followed] in the grocery store, heckled everywhere. At the games, people harassed and heckled my brothers and my mom. [My] brothers got into fights in the stands. Cars [have] been jumped on. Somebody dented the hood of the car. Had to sue a guy and get the money back cause he damaged the car. People are throwing money, pennies, to break the windows. So Cleveland was rough, man.

The full interview is worth your time. Check it out.
How is this relationship going to go if Gordon returns to the Browns lineup in Week 13? Could push him right back to the weed and booze. Might be best to send him to like New England for the playoffs.
Gordon hasn’t caught a regular season pass since December 21, 2014.
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