Browns Fans Are Convinced Josh Gordon's Back In Town…They're CSI-ing His Snaps

Browns fans – suffering from an 0-4 start, Kenny Britt’s brick hands, one of the youngest QBs in NFL history, blah, blah, blah – are looking for answers and an old friend is on their minds thanks to Snaps that seem to indicate that Josh Gordon is back in town, sending /r Browns fans into a CSI-like frenzy.
There are at least two threads right now on /r where Browns fans are trying to figure out Josh Gordon’s Snap locations. There’s definitely an Ohio flag in one of his Monday Snaps. The chicken and waffles snap is believed to be from a Cleveland hotspot.

Hmm, so what’s going on here? It’s odd that this popped up on PFT this afternoon. Maybe something is about to go down and Gordon needs to be in town because he’s about to get reinstated and play for the winless Browns. IT’S HAPPENING CLEVELAND!

There it is, Gordon’s in downtown Cleveland. Browns fans are about to get frenzied over the hope that Gordon will once again be able to let them down.

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