Bills Mafia Doing Their Thing at MetLife

Earlier today, we showed you guys video of a newborn Bills Mafia baby going through its very first table. It was truly heartwarming stuff… and now we can take a look at what that baby’s future could be with this ridiculous video of a full-grown Bills Mafia member attempting an off-the-SUV beer bong dunk:

I believe “crazy dangerous” is the first thing that popped to mind, but hey, this is Bills Mafia. The team is 5-2 and still in the hunt for the AFC East crown — no surprises that they’re bringing their all for Thursday Night Football.

Bonus Bills Mafia:

Ambulance on the scene… not sure why:

via stfujustbehappy/IG Story

This powerbomb looks like it was filmed in 1995, but it popped up on our MetLife search so here you go: