LaVar Ball For President?

You scoff at that headline, but LaVar Ball has already spoken so many insane things into existence already that I wouldn’t be shocked at an extreme pivot into politics. The man is a Big Baller, after all.

OddShark is giving him the benefit of the doubt and included the BBB mastermind in their latest odds for the 2020 Presidential Election. He’s obviously a longshot, but hey, so was the guy sitting in the oval office right now:

Latest odds to win the 2020 Presidential Election:

Donald Trump: +300
Mike Pence +700
E. Warren +1000
M. Obama +2000
LaVar Ball +25000

— OddsShark (@OddsShark) October 17, 2017

The bad news: Someone actually asked LaVar if he would run for President during the summer, and he said… “No, too much work”.

Sidenote: LaVar has better odds of becoming president than the Cleveland Browns (+500000), New York Jets (+30000), Chicago Bears (+30000), and San Francisco 49ers (+500000) do of winning the Super Bowl (via Bovada).