Big Baller Brand Has Released Their Own Emoji App For Some Reason


You can hate on the Ball family all you want, but you have to respect their hustle. They will sell ANYTHING. You know about the $495 shoes and the rest of the expensive gear, but you’re not really in 2017 until you start selling your own emoji app.

For only $1.99 and you can tell people to “Stay In Yo Lane” via a LaVar emoji. Or you can use the LaMelo emoji holding up a “92” for whatever reason. I’m still trying to figure that one out. Here’s what LaVar said in a statement to the Sports Business Chronicle:

“No emoji is a bad emoji in the Big Baller world” LaVar Ball said in a statement. “My sons were born to go pro, and now that Lonzo is leading the way, we are giving our fans a way to text like Big Ballers with the best emojis they’ve ever seen.”

People will probably buy it, which is why I can’t hate on it too much. Get that paper, Ball family.

Also, this is definitely the nail in LaMelo Ball’s NCAA eligibility coffin, right?


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