DeShone Kizer Liked Tweet Calling The Browns The “Worst Organization In The League”


Monday Night Football

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Yesterday was just an all-around awful day for the city of Cleveland. No two ways around that. Their rookie QB gets benched for this Sunday’s game for Kevin Hogan who, if you haven’t heard, is the 28th starter the Browns have had in 18 years.

You had the head coach kind of implying he wishes he could trade for the other Deshaun. Then later that night the Indians finished off blowing their second 2-0 lead in 2 years after kicking everybody’s ass for six months. And then just to pile on top of all that, the rookie QB who got benched, liked this tweet calling the Browns the “worst organization in the league”.

DeShone Kizer just liked a tweet saying “The Browns are and have always will be the worst organization in the league” #Browns

— Underdog Sports (@RealTheUnderdog) October 11, 2017

(yes, that is former NFL wide receiver, Nate Washington, rolling with a cool 551 followers)

He’s not wrong. Now we wait to see what Kevin Hogan has up his sleeve on Sunday. Somebody update the sad jersey!

In case you were wondering, he has “unliked” the Tweet

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