Kevin Hogan Becomes 28th Browns Starting Quarterback Since 1999



It’s time to add another name to the Browns starting quarterback list since 1999. Kevin Hogan…step on up, you’re next now that Hue Jackson has decided that DeShone Kizer’s going to eventually get his head splattered via a defensive end or the pressure of continuous losing.

Folks, this is where I have to remind you that the Browns have one win since December 14, 2015. That was a Monday morning. Johnny Manziel led the Browns to a 24-10 win the day before; he threw for 270 yards and a touchdown. Since then, the Browns have one win (RG3) and the fans are watching Deshaun Watson thriving behind a ragtag offensive line in Houston.

The Browns have 1 win since Dec. 14, 2015 (1-23). Johnny Manziel was the QB on that December morning.

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) October 9, 2017


Kevin Hogan says he's excited to be the starter, says it feels like being back in college again. #Browns

— P.J. ZIEGLER (@PJFOX8) October 11, 2017

Charles is on to something here. (Yes, the Rams traded up to get Goff.) What exactly is the plan at quarterback? It’s clear they didn’t take a QB early this year because they couldn’t possibly put their fans through that trap again.

I’m not sure what the Browns are looking for at QB. Not Wentz, Goff, Watson, Trubisky. They would pass on John Elway for a extra 6th

— Charles Brewer (@Brewdawg4203) October 10, 2017