Doutzen Kroes Comes Out Swinging, Bob Kraft In Big Trouble & Collinsworth Goes To War

Cowboys-Cardinals tonight. That should keep you busy. Meanwhile, over on Facebook, you’ll be seeing a bunch of “Jerry Jones is the best…he’ll fire ’em if they take a knee” posts. I’ve warned you, it’s coming.

A Doutzen Kroes GIF you’ll watch like 30-40 times today

I guess this means Bob Kraft’s never getting his SB ring back from Putin

Ex-Laker Jordan Hill gets played by twerk superstar

Cris Collinsworth goes IN on Trump

Kentucky cheerleader goes OFF on her team’s defense

Buy Aubrey Huff’s nice house — $4.4 million

This Florida Man robbed a bank, went to KFC

Here’s Dolphins cheerleader Jenny

NFL Celebration of the Weekend

Best Eagles victory celebration I've seen in years (from @NewsBurd)

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 25, 2017

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