Meet Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Jenny Smith

I think we can all assume that the Dolphins will take of business this afternoon against that sad franchise we call the New York Jets. That means if we have a blow out, the cheerleaders may be looking at a little more extra screentime today.
So keep an eye for Dolphins rookie cheerleader, Jenny Smith. Looking at her IG, it looks like she used to be an Ice Angel in the ECHL before heading to Miami. Now she’s on the big stage in the NFL. She might need to keep her head on a swivel for any errant Cutler passes today. You never know where those balls are going.

Jenny’s Bio:

The Dolphins really skimped on the bio, so this is what we have…

  • Hometown: Tomball, Texas
  • Rank: Rookie
  • Fun Fact: She was a competitive swimmer for 10 years

[IG – Jenny]

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