Vance Joseph Gave A Subtle Shout Out To Sergio Dipp In His Wednesday Presser

We still haven’t seen Sergio Dipp on the sidelines of an NFL game since his unreal performance on Monday Night Football a week and a half ago. I think we can go ahead and assume we won’t see him on national TV anytime soon, which is a disgrace, but maybe ESPN will throw him a college game so we can get our Sergio fix.

But just when you thought Dippmania was over, Vance Joseph comes back yesterday afternoon and drops that little “time of my life reference”. Now, I really want to believe this was a subtle tip of the cap to Sergio, but something tells me this was just a fantastic coincidence.

If it was on purpose, then let’s give a huge round of applause to Vance. That man is on fire now. He’s got his Broncos at 2-0, he’s dropping Dipp references in pressers, and he’s given us the first real meme of the 2017 NFL season.

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