Youth Football Coach Puts Another Coach In A Headlock On The Sideline During A Game

(fight starts at about the 1-minute mark)
HELL YEAH. Now, THIS is what youth football is all about. It isn’t about these THIRD GRADE kids who need to learn how to tackle correctly so their brains aren’t mashed potatoes by the time they’re 35, it’s about winning ballgames. If that means a grown man needs to be put in a triangle choke, then so be it.
Of course, what started this fight was playing time. One coach wants his son to play, the other tells him his son sucks, next thing you know, they’re both rolling around in the grass.
News9 has more:

The Union third grade football coach who put another coach in a chokehold speaks out.
This coach asked to remain anonymous; he says for his own safety and the safety of his family.
He admits to instigating the entire situation, and now, he just wants to say he’s sorry.
“I did it,” said the Union Silver coach. “I accept responsibility. I did what I did.”
Emotions ran high at Union’s 3rd grade Silver football game on Saturday.
It escalated quickly for a game Union was winning, 31-6.
“I asked the offensive coordinator Coach “A” if he could put some substitutes in and let my son carry the ball,” he said. “He turned around and he said, ‘Your son is slow, and he’s not ever gonna run the ball.'”

Let me say this again… THESE ARE THIRD GRADERS. These kids are more worried about picking boogers and chewing on their mouthpiece than learning how to properly run a Power-O.
I think I can confidently say that they aren’t particularly worried about how many touches they’re getting. But I’m down for a dad fight every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

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