Sideline Reporter Sergio Dipp’s Report On Monday Night Football Was Strange



I get it, ESPN is trying to bring in an ESPN Deportes sideline reporter to ‘relate’ to Los Angeles viewers who’re going to be ‘relating’ to a Spanish speaking ESPN employees now that there are two Los Angeles teams, but maybe ESPN would like to season Sergio Dipp, 29, a little bit more than this.

This is going to get this guy destroyed for his entire career.

According to his Wikipedia page:

In 2013 , having graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey as a Bachelor of Science in Communication, he joined the ranks of ESPN, in Mexico City, as the youngest driver in the prestigious sports media chain, forming part of the news SportsCenter 1

Later it was incorporating to programs like Futbol Picante, Initial Touch and NFL Live. 2

He is also included in the star program of “Los Capitanes”.

Primarily, Sergio focuses on football and American football.


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