Watch Dwight Howard Unload Body Shots on a UFC Trainer

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All seems to be well in the world of Dwight Howard. We haven’t seen him wear a stupid shirt in almost a month, and it looks like he’s already grinding away for his debut season with the Hornets. Huge positives!

D12 has been busy at the UFC gym in San Diego the past couple of days. According to one of his trainers, he “has a power cross like no other” — you be the judge of that with this clip below:
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So Dwight might have looked a little winded there, but fatigue certainly wasn’t a factor when he later crushed the ribs of his boxing instructor, Ann. (Spoiler: this experiment didn’t last long)
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He was more than happy to be on the receiving end this afternoon, and was subjected to body shots for a solid 40 seconds. Turn down the volume if you don’t want to hear Dwight go full-Sharapova:
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