LaVar Ball Will Be Talking Crazy in NBA 2K18

LaVar Ball has been red hot over the past week — his reality show “Ball in the Family” premiered on Facebook, he just dropped LaMelo’s signature shoe, and now he’s apparently going to be saying all sorts of crazy stuff on NBA 2K18.

Sorry to break the news to the non-ballers out there who were hoping for a LaVar-free zone in virtual reality, but it looks like Lonzo’s daddy will be chirping nonstop while you’re at Footlocker:

You better step up & produce from day one of your rookie year, or @Lavarbigballer may have some words for you in #NBA2K18

— NBA 2K19 (@NBA2K) September 6, 2017

LaVar telling you that your created player is #NotABigBaller should encourage you to game for hours on end… or force you to return the game:

I'm still in awe by how LaVar finessed his way into 2K lol

— Jasmine (@JasmineLWatkins) September 7, 2017