20 NSFWBDs React To Texas A&M-UCLA Game That’ll Probably Get Kevin Sumlin Fired

It’s the game that will likely get Kevin Sumlin fired. By now you know what went down last night in Pasadena. Sumlin and SEC fan were planning on making fun of the Pac-12 on Monday. Planned on calling UCLA soft, can’t stay with SEC speed and that, once again, the dominant SEC wins because it just means more.

And then Josh Rosen went on one of the greatest 4th quarters in big time college football history. I don’t have the CFB history book in front of me, but these numbers are pretty much going in this guy’s bio one of these days. The BDs were super impressed.

And the BDs are done with Kevin Sumlin. They want to know how you give up a 34-point lead with like 2:00 left in the 3rd quarter. They’ve seen enough and want Sumlin to become the first SEC coach to get the ax this fall.