Buy Shaquille O'Neal's 1997 Ferrari 456 GTA Leather Seats — $2K on eBay

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Sports themed vehicles are obviously our jam, but we like to change it up every now and then. Maybe post a boat, a massive Roll Tide Sprinkler, or in today’s case, leather Ferrari seats that came out of Shaquille O’Neal’s 1997 Ferrari 456 GTA.
You might be wondering, “Why have these luxury sucks been plucked from Shaq’s old big d—k ride?” Here’s the story from the current owner:

We are selling a pair of 1997 Ferrari 456 GTA seats. These seats came out of Shaquille O’Neals Ferrari 456, they were removed when the new owner purchased the car and opted to change the interior color from black to cream. We purchased the car and featured it on our TV show “The Car Chasers”. So here you have it, you can own a piece of Shaq history, replace your old Ferrari seats, shock people and add them to your custom car or make an office chair. At the very least it gives you a great story!

Just putting it out there, I like the idea of turning these into an uber fancy computer chair. No one will know you’re sitting on Shaq’s old car seat from his early Lakers days, but it doesn’t matter. Sadly I didn’t win the Powerball so I don’t have an excess of cash to spend frivolously.
via ebay
via ebay

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