Buy This Giant Roll Tide Big Al Lawn Sprinkler — Just $400 — Or Buy It On A Paypal Credit Line


Are you close to Fort White, Florida? Heading through there this summer for some strange reason on your way to Orlando? Avoiding I-10 and I-75 for some reason? Are you in need of a giant Roll Tide lawn sprinkler? EBay user ‘chubbychick’ has one to sell you for the low low price of $400.

Here’s the catch: that sprinkler is about 50 pounds. I know, it’s going to be hard to move that around the yard.

From the ‘chubbychick’:

ALABAMA BABY…ROLL TIDE…BIG AL HERE…in the form of a lawn sprinkler….vintage piece I believe…trunk is threaded for a sprayer of sorts…was checked with a sprinkler nozzle and it does spray! Now Big Al needs a paint job…and he has a few cracks on the Roll Tide base…certainly can be repaired and DOES NOT DETRACT FROM IT’S PURPOSE!…BIG AL IS CRACK FREE! HE MEASURES 36″ long x 21″ wide x 36″ tall…trunk reaches to 48″high…he’s heavy…50+ lbs I’d say….so local pick-up…and researching him…I couldn’t find another …Must see to appreciate!…No Returns on this piece…feel free to come look…Please feel free to ask any questions…I’ll answer promptly…and as always …Thanks for Looking!

Now, before you try to discredit this sprinkler and say it’s not a sprinkler, I think you’re wrong. Looking through the vintage sprinkler market, there are examples that make this entirely possible. Take this cast iron gator sprinkler. Or this freaky vintage clown sprinkler.

I can’t find another charging Big Al lawn sprinkler. This seems to be a one-of-a-kind offering for the Bama fan that has everything. Imagine the kids or grandkids playing in that sprinkler. You’ll be be the best dad/grandpa ever.

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