Watch Chandler Parsons Crush a Pilates Sesh

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Here’s some news that should bring a smile to the faces Grizzlies fans: Chandler Parsons is back on his comeback grind after a couple of weeks of fun with buddy Blake Griffin.
As you can see below, Chan Dog is really embracing that LA life (he recently spent $11 million on a home in Bel-Air) as he spent a chunk of his Tuesday getting his pilates on:
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It goes without saying that observing on Chan Dog’s form is probably every woman’s dream gig — the captions say it all:
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He followed this up today by playing some three-on-three with fellow NBAers Kevin Durant and Courtney Lee in the Lakers‘ facility. The knee didn’t seem to be an issue as he knocked down open threes and dropped some dimes to KD:
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Chan Dog also got to work with Dubs player development coach Steve Nash. Look closely and you’ll also see Draymond Green in the house:
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