Jameis Winston Out Here Brett Favre’ing

It may only be a preseason Week 2 game against the Jaguars, but sports Twitter is totally eating up this 2017 Buccaneers squad. The offense is loaded with fun weapons (Evans, D-Jax), the defense only allowed 59 yards in the first half, and Jameis Winston looked quite impressive slinging the pigskin around for 196 yards… what’s not to like?

Well for one it’s worth repeating they’re playing the team with Blake Bortles as their quarterback. Oh! And Jameis Winston still does infuriating crap like carelessly lobbing up a no-look pass while going down in the damn redzone:

What are you doing, Jameis?? pic.twitter.com/SiOS2sszq5

— Midfield Media (@midfieldmedia) August 18, 2017

Jameis ended up being ruled down on the play so the interception didn’t stand, but yeah, not a great decision!

Obligatory Jameis fumble vs. Oregon