Jameis Winston

Jul 16, 2016

Jameis On Vacation, Popovich’s Shirt & Nina Agdal And Leo Going Steady

  What should they name the Las Vegas NHL team? I always love this conversation when an expansion team is...

Apr 27, 2016

Jameis Winston’s Labradoodle Has An Instagram Account

Incredible transformation for Jameis.

Oct 4, 2015

Ed Dickson Just Had The Luckiest Play Of The NFL Season So Far

Sometimes things just go your way and you’re in the right place at the right time. Everything is going the...

Aug 17, 2015

31 NSFW Black Dudes Analyze Performances From Tebow, Mariota & Jameis

The BDs are pretty pumped up over Tim's performance.

Jul 27, 2015

April Rose At Brickyard 400, Pregnant ESPN & Touch ‘Em All Ministries

  I survived a work trip to the Brickyard 400 with Crown Royal I’ll have more on the trip later,...

Jul 6, 2015

Jameis Winston’s 4th Of July Seemed Very Relaxing

  I know Florida State fans don’t want me analyzing anything that has to do with Jameis Winston because I’m...

Jun 29, 2015

Jameis Winston Buys Ball For Boy At Astros Game, Autographs It

  Just a few days after being lectured about how I do my job by Florida State fan John Hinsey,...

Jun 24, 2015

Jameis Winston Buys Shot, Gives Out His Number To Chick At Mexican Restaurant [UPDATE]

  So Jameis Winston has been awfully quiet this summer being a model citizen in Tampa where he’s expected to...

Jun 13, 2015

Jameis Winston Got Denied At The Club Last Night For Wearing Shorts

I’m an intern at Busted Coverage, meaning I’m in college and also meaning I’m the same age as Jameis Winston....

Jun 2, 2015

Jameis Winston Shoots Down Draya Michele Rumor

  Jameis Winston took to Instagram this afternoon to shoot down any rumors you idiots might be spreading about him...

Apr 30, 2015

Jameis Winston’s Red Carpet Draft Party Looks Fun

In case you thought Jameis would be sitting on a couch with his grandma — nope pic.twitter.com/EnvpSkqs7z — Busted Coverage...

Apr 13, 2015

Jameis Wore A Crab ‘Wizard’ Hat In Tampa This Weekend [UPDATE]

Jameis Winston got comfortable in his new home of Tampa this weekend by playing some cornhole and hanging out with...

Mar 31, 2015

Flab and Hilarious Overthrow Highlight Jameis Winston’s Pro Day

Today was a big day for Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston as he got the opportunity to silence the haters...

Mar 30, 2015

Jameis Winston Displaying His Jedi Skills

The 2015 NFL Draft is about a month away and the prevailing storyline remains, “How can Jameis Winston still be...

Mar 24, 2015

How Can Jameis Winston Still Be This Fat?

You still have boobs after all the offseason training? Impossible!

Mar 16, 2015

Win McMurry In The Caribbean, Matt Leinart Spring Break & Zack Holgerson

  Kentucky. Oh, so Wisconsin is going to give Kentucky a game in the Final Four. I’m laughing. Arizona will...

Feb 21, 2015

Marcus Mariota Crushed Jameis In The 40 And It Doesn’t Matter At All

Twitter is up in arms this afternoon after Marcus Mariota crushed Jameis Winston in the 40 at the combine. Mariota...

Feb 21, 2015

Watch ‘Fat’ Jameis Winston Run His 40 Yard Dash

Didn’t look too fat there — maybe just a little chubby. It’s all about angles, people. 4.97 unofficial time. Looks...