Buccaneers Rookie O-Lineman Get Slapped With A $26,000 Dinner Bill…Or Do They?

Right around this time of year is when we start to see the NFL rookie pranks and the rookie dinners. You guys know the deal with this. They make them carry their pads for a few weeks, then towards the end of camp, the vets take the rookies out to dinner on a mission to eat and drink as much as humanly possible to get that bill as expensive as possible.
Last night, that bill above was making its way around social media and caused a little bit of stir. 26 grand for an o-line dinner. As of right now, the Bucs have 16 offensive linemen on their training camp roster. After taking out my trusty calculator, that comes out to about $1,600 per hog.
Wellllllll, it’s fake. According to Donovan Smith, they got a fake bill sent to the table just to scare the ever-living shit out of the rookies. Watching them try to figure out how they were going to split it would’ve been fantastic to see. Luckily, it’ll probably on Hard Knocks next week.

According to ESPN, the bill actually came out to $3,000, which the veterans actually ended up paying for anyways.
However, this Redskins bill from a few years back…. totally real.


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