Of Course MJ Snubbed LeBron and Said Kawhi Leonard is the “Best Two-Way Player”


How insecure is Michael Jordan of LeBron James potentially surpassing him for GOAT status? Apparently so insecure that he’s been very busy this week refusing to give LeBron much credit at Q&As taking place at his basketball camps.

First, he pulled the oh-so-obnoxious Yankees-Lakers-Celtics fan move and cited championship rings as the reason why Kobe is better than LeBron:

(Of course, with that logic players like Robert Horry and Derek Fisher would rank above LeBron — not to mention Horry tops MJ because there’s something about seven that beats six… am I right?)

And if stating Kobe over LeBron because of RINGZ wasn’t bad enough, MJ decided to label Kawhi Leonard as “the best two-way player in the game right now”:

I actually don’t fault MJ for this one since Kawhi is a Jordan Brand guy — still wrong as hell, though.

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