6-4, 286 LB 8th Grade Bama Recruit Can Run A 4.7 40, Throw 85 MPH Fastball & Looks Like He's 25

Nick Saban will be closing in on 70 if 6-4, 286 pound beast Jaheim Oatis ends up at Alabama in 2022. Who is Jaheim Oatis? Oh, he’s just a 14 year old soon-to-be 8th grader who already has offers from Mississippi State, Ole Miss and now Alabama. That’s right, Saban’s so deep on the hunt for Oatis that he’s even taking pics with the kid who is a couple months removed from the 7th grade. Three camps, three offers.
Oatis, out of Jefferson Middle School in Columbia, Mississippi, has been on the camp & AAU basketball circuit this summer showing off his talents against inferior athletes that are much older than him. Let’s watch what Oatis did to a senior at the Ole Miss camp.

Just rag dolled that massive 300+ pounder. Again, so we’re all on the same page, Oatis is GOING INTO THE 8th grade. You show me an 8th grade QB anywhere in Mississippi who isn’t pissing his pants right now.
Here’s Oatis getting ready for his Bama career in 2022.

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