Looks Like Rex Ryan Went Mountain Biking This Past Weekend


Former Bills head coach Rex Ryan has been MIA since kicking ass in a Nashville bar — and complimenting the feet of bachelorettes — with brother Rob in early June.

Horrible for BC HQ, but probably a wise decision on Rex’s party to keep his head low — you know, he probably doesn’t want to get canned by the WWL before he starts his “Sunday NFL Countdown” gig. However! Rex was finally spotted in the wild this past weekend as the big man went mountain biking in Jackson Hole:

Apparently Rex was cool with a Pats fan:

So today I was fortunate enough to show around #rexryan at the #jacksonholebikepark and we had a great time! Who says #Patriots fans can’t get along with #Jets and #billsmafia #gopats #icrashedandhedidnt

The last time we saw Rex on a bike:

A bicycle built for two Ryan brothers pic.twitter.com/abHUPndkgA

— Jonah Bronstein (@lebronstein) June 17, 2016

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