Nashville Bachelorette Party Participant: Rex Ryan Said I Have ‘Nice Feet’…Said ‘You Know What I Like’

Mr Steal Yo Girl

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) June 5, 2017

By now you’ve seen Rex & Rob Ryan fighting guys young enough to be their kids at Margaritaville Nashville on Sunday.  But there’s more to what went down on Sunday and it includes Rex hitting on a bachelorette party participant named Jess, telling her she had “nice feet.” That’s right, Rex is reportedly still living that foot fetish life now that he’s property of ESPN.

That’s Jess with Rob Ryan’s hand riding a little high on her abdomen.

Jess slid into the BC IG DMs and gave me the play-by-play on what went down when her group ran into the Ryan Bros at Margaritaville.

Highlights for me on this one:

• Rex putting the full court press on Jess’s feet

• Rex winking and saying “you know what I like”

• Rex wanting the pic texted to him — clutch move so he has communication while the ladies are in town

• Rob shooting his shot, living that Nashville life

It sounds to me like Rob really liked Jess, but Rex wasn’t having it. Quite a predicament for brothers.

Rob making his move on Jess: