Source: Ezekiel Elliott Allegedly Knocked Out DJ DTrain


So now we have video of a guy writhing in pain after taking a punch to the face and pretty much everything I was told early this morning out of Dallas has turned out to be true. There are now, according to TMZ, two different eyewitnesses who say Zeke Elliott punched a guy at Clutch bar in Dallas.

From TMZ:

The witness says she saw Ezekiel punch the man — corroborating the story the victim’s friend told police. However, cops at the scene could not confirm Zeke was the attacker and he has not been arrested or charged with a crime.

Now I’m told that the guy who was punched was DJ Dtrain, a Dallas-based DJ who was definitely partying on Sunday.

Let us know if you have video, Snaps, IG stories, etc.

Here’s where we need to do some investigative digging. I went over to DJ Dtrain’s IG to see what was going on. Here’s what he was wearing.┬áNotice the shoes, the white pants and the white camo shirt.


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