Watch Tim Tebow Flash A Little Leather Out In Left Field


Tim Tebow flashing some serious leather in left field to end the 1st Inning. Full highlights tonight on @NBC2 and @ABC7SWFL

— Andrew McDevitt (@AMcDevittTV) July 1, 2017

TIMMY! Is Tim Tebow a five-tool player now? Look at that glove out in left! Maybe he really did deserve that call-up to high-A because all he’s done since he’s been there is make highlights and sell jerseys. First, he hits a bomb, now he’s putting his body on the line for a Friday night web gem.

What a coincidence that the Mets GM comes out with this today. Via the NY Post:

Alderson is starting to come clean on the Tebow signing. The Mets didn’t ink the former quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner because they saw some hidden talent in him. It wasn’t a “baseball decision,” as Alderson said at the time.

“Look, we signed him because he is a good guy, partly because of his celebrity, partly because this is an entertainment business,” Alderson said. “My attitude is ‘Why not?’ ”

Hell yeah, it’s an entertainment business. What’s more entertaining than moonshots and web gems?

In case you missed Tebow’s home run from Wednesday



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