Jim Irsay Was Thirsty On Twitter Again, Tweeted Photo Of A Nude Woman

I think we all need to thank Jim Irsay for coming in on a random Wednesday night and giving every blog on the planet some content this morning. Our old buddy Jimmy got himself in some more Twitter trouble last night when he Tweeted out this doozy of nude.
Obivously, the original was unedited.
Remember, this is just a week after he was thirsting it up with some Twitter bot.

I don’t think it was actually Jim tweeting that out this time around, but I do think last week’s incident led to this. Replying to those accounts is basically inviting hackers into your living room. Bossman Joe essentially called it in that post last week:

It’s been pretty hot around Indianapolis this month. How do I know? Jim Irsay was clearly a little parched last night and the only remedy was to @ what looks like a ‘steal your bank account because you clicked on this link’ Twitter bot. I’ve gone through @SamoraDavin‘s account and can’t seem to find another hot photo of this chick. 
You know these accounts. You avoid these accounts.

Boom. 6 days later, you’re sending out nudes to the world.

According to all of the internet detectives, the photo is apparently of a porn star named Anette Dawn

Just throw out the ‘hacked’ tweet and all will be forgiven


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