Jim Irsay Seemed A Little Thirsty Last Night On Twitter


It’s been pretty hot around Indianapolis this month. How do I know? Jim Irsay was clearly a little parched last night and the only remedy was to @ what looks like a ‘steal your bank account because you clicked on this link’ Twitter bot. I’ve gone through¬†@SamoraDavin‘s account and can’t seem to find another hot photo of this chick.¬†

You know these accounts. You avoid these accounts.

I’m no Twitter expert, but this is clearly one of those accounts you don’t @ unless you’re thirsty. Maybe it was supposed to be a DM to Samora. Maybe he was going to tell her she won preseason tickets. Maybe Jim was going to offer her a training camp job.

All I know is that Irsay seems to be a guy who @’s what he likes.

A quick Google Image reverse search shows that Jim was either about to get hacked or catfish’d. Same user photo, new names.

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