Gronk Snuck Onto A Texas High School Field To Mix In A Workout


Looks like Gronk took a step back from the roasts and the Vegas blowouts so he could mix in a workout down in Texas. Can’t be showing up to training camp in a month looking like a booze bag. He probably saw his head coach stylin’ and profilin’ on the Nantucket magazine cover yesterday and immediately thought ‘no days off’.

Gronk took a little heat from some of his David Ortiz roast jokes last week, so he went with the classic athlete move of IGing a workout to change the narrative a little bit. Yeah, he might’ve also spent 50 grand on booze at the club, but check out these routes.
Also, he snuck onto that Texas high school field last night, which I’m pretty sure is cause for the death penalty in Texas. But he got in and got out without anyone noticing (except for the IG geotag).
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