Gronk's Back Must Be Fine…Watch This Laser Slapper From Our Old Buddy

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I have bad news for the AFC – Gronk‘s back IS BACK and it’s BACK enough to slip on the inline skates to drill some slappers in the street like I imagine he did back in the day growing up in suburban Buffalo with the Gronk bros. Look at how athletic Gronk’s looking in that IG story video. Smooth. HE’S BACK! Move him right up your fantasy rankings.
Gronk played hockey up until the 9th grade when he became a basketball player, according to a 2015 Boston Herald article.

“I was super aggressive,” said Gronk. “Fights, goal scores, checks.”
“(I’m) pretty good,” he said. “I’m all right now whenever I go back and play with my friends back home. I used to play with all the top dogs growing up in Buffalo. But I don’t got those skills really.”

As for his health heading into this season, Gronk tried to tell the media he’s doing great back on June 5, but now that I have the roller hockey video I’m good.

“You just have to always look at the positives,” he said. “Right now I’m feeling great. I’m feeling good out there with the team. We’re just at the stage right now, OTAs, offseason workouts, just getting to know each other, feeling it all out. Everything is going good. So I’m just happy to be where I am, happy to be out on the field playing football and participating.”

This is the year…a full year with no injuries, multiple TDs and then a horrible game against my Bengals in the AFC title game.
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