Emily Ratajkowski Dominated Italy, 6-6 345 lb Middle School Football Player & Lavar Ball's Dad Is Fun Too


It’s LSU vs. Florida for the College World Series, pretty much how you’d draw it up once Oregon State was eliminated. LSU fans NEED this title. They should be extra motivated to put on a show tonight and Tuesday when I’ll be at Game 2. Or you can watch the Big 3 League on FS1. Or something called the NBA Awards on TNT.
Emily Ratajkowski had a strong vacation performance
Annnndddd Lavar Ball’s dad is a shiit talker TOO! That’s right, grandpa Ball!
6’6″ 345lb middle schooler that’s already getting football interest from Oregon, Purdue, Wisconsin, Florida State
Spotted: Brian Wilson (the closer) minus the beard
This is all that’s left of Sixers season tickets
NBC L.A. asks woman to use her photo of their news van on fire…ahahahahahahahaha
This Florida Woman got lit at the Villages pool, went on wild ride in her golf cart, gets arrested
Introducing Chase from Cal Poly

Between The Legs Rec Center Dribbling, Pass-To-Yourself Move Video of the Weekend

Pulled Pork Waffle Fries of the Week

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French Model Killed By Whipped Cream, Fitty Wants Helen Mirren & Gronk's Great Jew Joke
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