French Model Killed By Whipped Cream, Fitty Wants Helen Mirren & Gronk’s Great Jew Joke


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The NHL Draft is tonight if you’re not tired of draft coverage. That’ll be a hard pass from me, dawg. Over on ESPN it’s the rematch between Oregon State and LSU. Of course you remember what happened in this one the other day. The Beavs embarrassed LSU and it could’ve been uglier. The Travelers Championship starts at 3:30 on the Golf Channel. That should be great background noise at the bar.

Here’s the French model who was killed by a whipped cream can

50 Cent wants to give Helen Mirren the d

Gronk dropping a Jew joke…for a good cause

Dad catches foul ball while holding baby…mom is piissed

Roger Goodell rolls into Boston airport, nothing happens, no boos 

Craziest California road rage video you’ll watch this week

Now we have a NM TV station baking cookies in a car via heat…yep, it’s hot out, it happens this time of year

Introducing Brittany from Mizzou

Lavar Getting Booed Right Out Of The Draft & I’m Loving The Content Video of the Week

LaVar Ball getting booed out the arena and threw his BBB hat in the air. 😂

— NBA SKITS (@NBA_Skits) June 23, 2017

Fat Ass Dream Meal of the Week

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