Die-Hard Michael Jordan Fan Gets The 'Crying LeBron' Photo Tattooed On His Leg For Some Reason

Somehow the ‘Crying LeBron’ picture never made its way into a full meme like Jordan’s did, but it’s been making a little comeback since the Finals. Warriors fans really brought it back into existence at the parade last week where Draymond got that picture with one of the fat heads.
Then here comes this guy, who apparently isn’t even a Warriors fan, just a “die-hard Jordan fan” that goes and gets the thing tattooed right on the back of his leg for some reason.
Never known a person to hate someone so much they get a tattoo of them, but this is 2017 and anything is possible.
And that isn’t all, this is just the beginning of a full leg piece that I’m assuming will be just more LeBron hate.
In case you missed the caption, it says:

One of my best friends is a die-hard Jordan fan, and can’t stand LeBron. So I tattooed a crying LeBron in honor of his loss to Golden State. This is the first that will lead to a full leg piece. Thanks @art_kalen

This is some Player Haters Ball type shit. (*Ice T voice*) Damn, that’s hateful! Hate you gotta, respect I guess?

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