Tom Herman's Out Here Getting RKO'd By His Players…I'm Not Ready To Declare Texas Football Is Back

Let’s just call new Texas head football coach Tom Herman Jim Harbaugh Lite. I know, I’m supposed to like what Tom Herman has become at Texas because he brought Ohio State a national championship thanks to his offensive genius, but I can’t hammer Harbaugh for his schtick and then let Herman off the hook, especially after this weekend’s pool party where Herman let a redshirted freshman who didn’t play in 2016 — Demarco Boyd — RKO him at a pool party.
Uh, have some morals. At least let a senior RKO the coach.
I know what you’re thinking: BC — you’re a hypocrite. You want pageviews then bitch when Herman gives you pageviews.
All I’m saying is make this some sort of senior reward. Your reward for sticking with Texas through three below-.500 seasons is that you get to RKO the new head coach.
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QB Shane Buechele was there with girlfriend Paige Loren looking like he’s been bulking up this summer under Herman’s new regimen. He was listed at 6-1, 191 last season. Looks like he’s going for a stout 205.

Bo Wallace's DUI Mugshot
Bo Wallace's DUI Mugshot
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