Hailey Clauson Hits The Pool, Mr. Treasure Hunter Steal Yo Girl & Puckett In Full Uni


I tried to tell you Oregon State’s offense was going to put on a show last night

And then the Beavs dropped 13 runs on LSU. It was ugly, could’ve been uglier and if Oregon State doesn’t win the national title it’ll be a complete miracle. Not much drama right now at the CWS…unless you start talking to the locals who are catching the games and can’t get local craft brews. They’re stuck drinking the normal stuff. However, if you’re in a suite, you can get a local craft brew, according to the Omaha World-Herald. I’ll have a full report next week when I get to see Game 2 of the championship series.

Numbers From:

For the 2nd consecutive week, over 1.6 million fans attended MLB games this weekend, the first back-to-back such weekends since June 2012.

— MLB Communications (@MLB_PR) June 19, 2017

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#Goals pic.twitter.com/39X78tYxJd

— Cass Anderson (@casspa) June 20, 2017

@bustedcoverage meanwhile the neighbors today putting on a nc17 show pic.twitter.com/mKk93HwtJJ

— phil cufaro (@ripits247) June 19, 2017

Kirby Pucckett just taking in the scene while visiting philly pic.twitter.com/CwVZSHUZyO

— Ogre Palowaski (@Wagering_Ogre) June 19, 2017


— Morgan Bagg (@MorganBagg) June 20, 2017

@bustedcoverage Touchdown Tommy still breaking hearts in the #ATL pic.twitter.com/Xrv7Cp8qb5

— T (@LifelongBronco) June 19, 2017

@bustedcoverage Troy Polamalu enjoying retirement at the College World Series. Even got a haircut for the occasion. pic.twitter.com/KwXQqcYQBq

— Nick Bertrand (@nbertrand_344) June 19, 2017

@KDTrey5 I think BW3's is "throwing shade", as the kids say nowadays. @bustedcoverage pic.twitter.com/MovBNbnM3w

— Tyler Schunk (@T_schunk3) June 19, 2017

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